Easterseals 100 Rider Feature: David Oznowitz

David has been cycling seriously since 2016.

He shares that his favorite part of cycling is when he is in the woods on his MTB and out on the scenic country roads in Central Illinois – particularly in the Fall.

David finds great empowerment in cycling. He states that physical sports, by definition, require a certain degree of physical ability that tends to exclude some participants.  Cycling has done more than almost any other sport to be inclusive, as the industry has engineered cycles to accommodate almost everyone.  

David has been involved with Easterseaks for 16 years since his good friend John Pratt encourage him to become involved. “I visited Timber Pointe and knew right away I wanted to be involved in helping these kids.”

His favorite rides occur with friends when they can get together and cycle in a ride that supports a great cause. “Races can be a good way to challenge yourself, but nothing beats a ride with friends knowing that you’re helping others.  Proper hydration afterwards is also a crucial part of the experience.”

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