October is Physical Therapy Month

Meet Becky!

“I enjoy numerous aspects of my job, but my favorite and most rewarding one while working as a pediatric therapist is getting to know the kids and their families, and helping them work toward a particular goal or functional skill, and then celebrating with them as they achieve them.”

Meet Carolyn!

“I love getting to see the smiles and excitement of each child and their parents when a new milestone is met. Seeing a child participate in things that they were previously unable to do is one of my favorite things about coming to work each day.”

Meet Joanna!

“I love sharing in celebrating when children become successful in the goals we have been working toward. Partnering with parents in the hard work and in the joy is what I love about being a pediatric PT.”

Meet Shannon!

“Sharing in the celebration of a child gaining a new skill or achieving further independence is so very rewarding. I am grateful to be a pediatric PT and am inspired daily by the children and families I am blessed to work with!”

Meet Meghan!

“As a Pediatric PT, it’s very rewarding to watch a child develop over time and meet their individualized goals. I enjoy working closely with children and their families because I’m able to provide them with strategies to help promote their child’s mobility and participation in their daily lives.”

Meet Erica!

“My favorite thing about being a pediatric PT is helping children and families reach their goals and meet milestones, and having a front row seat to watching them grow.”

Meet Gretchen!

“I love being able to play with each and every child and family as a way to help them achieve the goals that are important to them. It’s so rewarding to see children with disabilities go “above and beyond” expectations, to celebrate each and every milestone, and to have the opportunity to develop long term relationships with them and their families.”

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