5 Indoor Gross Motor Activities: No Special Equipment Required!

By Meghan Cotsones, PT, DPT

Animal Walks: Great for core strengthening, hip strengthening, range of motion, motor planning, and whole body coordination! Can add visual targets (sticky notes, pieces of colored tape, construction paper, etc.) to help with position of hands/feet for sequencing. Can have siblings or friends race or parents can try along with their kiddos.

Pillow and/or Blanket Obstacle Course: Great way to simulate uneven outdoor surfaces such as grass and woodchips from inside! Great for balance, hip and ankle strengthening, and motor planning. Can also jump between pillows for an extra challenge!

Ninja Kicks: Have child stack a tower of blocks or any other toy they like to stack and balance on one foot and kick the tower down with the other. Great for foot-eye coordination, single leg balance, and strengthening for hips and ankles! For added fun, can add ninja sound effects (hi-yah!).

Pushing/Pulling Laundry Basket: Have your child round up their favorite toys and take them for a ride the laundry basket! Have them push it forward and pull it backwards to practice backwards walking. Great for core and lower extremity strengthening! Parents can add heavier objects from around the house (soup cans, sack of potatoes, etc.) for an added challenge.

Box Hurdles: Put old Amazon or empty cereal boxes to good use! Line them up and have your child step, run, or jump over the boxes for a fun motor activity. Can also weave in and out of boxes in a figure-8 pattern a balance and agility challenge!

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