Strategies for Speech Development on Walks

Created By:Kelsey Lutes, MS CCC-SLP

Think about the different senses and label

What do you see at the child’s level?
Label what you see with simple language.
1-2 words: tree, flowers, car, dog. Look doggie!

What do you hear?
Crunchy leaves, birds (tweet tweet), dog barking
(woof woof), cars (beep beep), airplane (ffffff)

What can you smell?
Smell flower

What can you touch?
Touch the leaves and grass

Get a bag and collect leaves

Model saying “Leaf” every time you put one in the bag

Use action words like “RIP” and rip the leaf “Crunch/Stomp” on the leaves
Throw” the leaves up in the area

When you get home, tape the leaves to a piece of paper and model action words like “leaf”, “stick”, “on”

Other Strategies

Sing songs while child is riding in stroller

Feel bumps in sidewalk – BUMP!

Get mail from the mailbox “open”, “close”

Wave and model “hi” to people you see

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