Autism Awareness Month: A Day in the life with Gabriel

This year, autism awareness month is hitting at a time when everyone across the globe is dealing with a change in their routines. This disruption in our lives is just a small glimpse into the lives of those living with autism spectrum disorder. Today, we would like to introduce you to Gabriel! He is a student at the Easterseals Learning Academy and has been home with his parents during the stay at home order. His Mom, Andrea, shared some images of their day.

We try to have Gabriel wear his weighted vest and do some work every day.
We go on walks daily in the morning (and sometimes again in the afternoon!)
Gabriel loves bouncing on his exercise ball
Because my husband and I are both working from home there have been times when Gabriel has come to work with me and he’s been able to play on the sensory swing.
He listens to calendar songs with Dad.
We’ve worked on sitting on his bike.

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