Why I Give: A conversation with Tim Erickson of CORE Construction

Tim Erickson, President of CORE Construction, and Becky Dluski, CORE’s Office Manager, delivering hand sanitizer and antibacterials wipes to Easterseals

CORE Construction. has been a long supporter of Easterseals Central Illinois, with an incredible 25 years of giving. Recently, President Tim Erickson saw a great need and acted swiftly and selflessly to fill it. CORE donated hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to Easterseals, filling a need that extends well beyond financial support.

“There are different things [face masks, hand sanitizer, wipes] that are hard to find that we have been able to get. Hearing that Easterseals had a need for these items, we knew we could help connect the dots. By donating these items, we know that Easterseals can use their money to buy other things,” shares Tim.

CORE initially began supporting Easterseals under the leadership of Wayne Baum whose love of his community cemented a culture of giving within his organization. When it became time for him to pass the baton, he saw Tim’s passion for philanthropy and connected him to Easterseals. Under Tim’s leadership, CORE has been a huge supporter of the Easterseals Telethon, organizing staff fundraisers and uniting CORE around a common goal.
Tim states that “we [at CORE] are lucky to be in a position where we can do these things to help the community. There are a lot of people and organizations who need help, and this is the culture that has been set in our company. We want to help people.”

Tim shared with us that his personal mission in life is helping people, and doing his part to make a difference in the lives of others. He also mentions his affinity for Easterseals Timber Pointe Outdoor Center, citing it as a “gem”, and stating that one of his favorite memories as a board member was going out to camp and watching the campers swing and go down the zip line.

His message for potential supporters? “Come and see what’s going on. They need to visit Easterseals. They need to visit Timber Pointe and see what it is, what it does and how much it means for the kids. When I went to Easterseals for my first tour, [Easterseals Ambassador] Hayden was there, and hearing his story and seeing his enthusiasm – that’s what people need to do. Come and see for themselves what we do and how we make a difference.”

Thank you Tim, and the team at CORE Construction, for all that you do.

Learn more about CORE Construction here.

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