Ambassador Update: Jordan

For the Rodiguez family, Jordan’s behavior challenges can be a daily struggle, but with the help of Occupational Therapy at Easterseals, Jordan continues to make great progress! Most notably, he has used his skills to improve his relationships with his teachers & friends.

He is currently working on following directions in general & self-regulation in the morning to get ready for school. Ms. Erin, Jordan’s Occupational therapist, starts the session by talking to Jordan and agreeing on the activities. She gives him choices during the session so he feels motivated & excited to participate. By meeting Jordan where he is at emotionally for the day, Erin makes the session fun, enjoyable, and something he works forward to!

Telehealth has been a great option for their busy family, while still providing quality therapy. He is able to thrive and work on independence, with support and supervision from his mom. 

“Easterseals, in my experience, is a top-notch professional service for all sorts of needs. They are diagnostic at the start. Individualized action plans are well thought out & shared buy-in is obtained from the family. Therapists work toward specific goals & are specialists in what they do. Therapists are committed to a child’s success & are willing to be on a larger team with school & medical professionals to problem solve. In general, I can’t imagine any better service provided to Jordan in meeting his unique needs.”

Kathy, Jordan’s Mom

Kathy shared what she wants the world to know about her amazing son;“ I want the world to know the REAL Jordan.  The one that can make a room of people laugh through his storytelling. The one that would do anything to help or care for someone he cares about. The one who has overcome the trauma of his toddlerhood, the loss & grief of life as he knew it to enter a new world & family without any say in the matter & functions better than most, given his circumstances. The one who loves to be loved & is capable of reciprocating.”

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