Meet the Easterseals #OurCommonThreads Artists!

This year, we dedicate our 30th annual tribute to Our Common Threads – the values that have woven our community together throughout 2020. At Easterseals, Our Common Threads are  family, joy, love, friendship and growth. To help us share these threads with the community, we relied on the help of several Easterseals Ambassadors, who in addition to working hard to make progress in therapy, dedicated time to creating pieces of art that could be used for Our Common Threads.

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Keep reading to learn more about our Easterseals Artists!

Annalise W. (Age 7) Eureka IL

Smart, crafty, kind, and loving- 4 words to describe Easterseals Artist, Anna. Anna’s favorite color is purple and she adores unicorns. She can swim like a fish and her favorite thing about Easterseals is doing physical therapy in the warm water therapy pool. Because of the co-vid, Anna has been using telehealth, and though she misses the pool, nothing is getting in the way of her reaching her goals. In the last few months, Anna has been working on her balance and is now able to stand on one foot. Annalise would like everyone to be happy, and she enjoys ensuring that everyone is smiling.

Avah W. (age 10) Normal IL_

“Spreading Kindness Like Confetti”.

 The title of Avah’s beautiful piece-says it all. Full of joy, Avah is in 5th grade this year, and spreading sunshine to those around her, just comes naturally. She is a confident, hard worker and dreams of having a career as an Art teacher one day, but for now she continues to paint with passion. In the past year, Avah has made progress in speech and occupational therapy. She is now able to answer more complex questions accurately and has worked hard on her handwriting skills.

Chase D. (Age 9) Pekin IL

A lover of all things video games, Chase loves to play Mario games. Recently Chase was able save up all of his chore money to get his very own Nintendo Switch, something he is very proud of. When not playing video games, he loves to draw and play the keyboard. In fact, he had a shining moment performing live on the Easterseals Telethon this past year. Chase is determined and works hard in Occupational Therapy on his communication skills and focusing on tasks.

Elijah S. (Age 7) Morton IL

The colorful spirit of Elijah, is reflected in the joy of his artwork. Elijah loves to be outside as riding his bike and playing at the park are some of his favorite things in the world-besides the color green of course. Born at 25 weeks, Elijah has been a fighter since he was born, and his family is proud of his never give up attitude. With the help of Occupational therapy Elijah has learned how better understand his emotions and which emotions are appropriate for certain situations.

Ethan H. (Age 4) Morton, IL

Ethan has a huge heart! Ethan will show his love by giving a hug, or by taking your hand to run the yard as fast as he can. Ethan loves anything outside, and his favorite thing to do right now is go on bear hunts! Ethan’s are is really cool in that he uses colors to show the energy he feels when doing or describing certain things. Easterseals has given Ethan the tools to effectively navigate his need for sensory input. When Ethan started occupational therapy at Easterseals, he couldn’t stand to be hugged or cuddle and now he is a big snuggle bug!

Isaac S. (Age 6) Morton IL

Meet music lover, Isaac!,- but don’t be fooled, he is very particular about who and what he listens too. Isaac is recording artist Charlie Puth’s biggest fan! Along with jamming out to his favorite tunes, Isaac likes swimming and swinging- he even has a swing in him room. Like his brother Elijah, Isaac shares the strength of never giving up. In occupational therapy Isaac is working on his strength and activating toys that require pressure! This past year, he met is goal of being able to activate “The Gumball Toy” all by himself. In fact, with some of the skills he has practiced in OT, Isaac was excited to draw his piece titled “Celebrate Love”, all by himself.

Jordan R. (Age 9) Peoria IL

Calling all sports fans, Jordan is your guy! Jordan is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Bulls basketball. Jordan also enjoys books, video games and of course coloring. One of his biggest talents however, is capturing an audience with his storytelling. Jordan loves to make people smile, and can sometimes leave people on the edge of their seats with enjoyment. Mom says Jordan is a “natural” at keeping a crowd engaged. Easterseals helps Jordan understand and regulate his emotions.

Kamari P. (Age 8) Pekin IL

Kamari is very witty and always has something clever to say. His family calls them “Kamari-isms.” He has a great sense of humor and a one-of-a-kind personality that is loved by all. Kamari enjoys baseball, basketball and floor hocky, and when not on the move, he enjoys collecting toy cars and watching nascar. Mom says he would live off of twizzlers if given the chance. Some Kamari’s biggest accomplishments since coming to Easterseals include tying his shoe independently, learning how to advocate for himself and effectively communicate his needs.

Larkin H. (Age 6) Pekin IL

Larkin is open and innately happy.

Larkin is a sprinkle of goodness in everything that she is, and she has spread joy to far reaching places. She is curious and silly and has a beautiful imagination. Larkin is a talented singer, and pretend play is one of her favorite things. Art is definitely a strength of Larkins, and it provides a wonderful opportunity for her imagination to come life. With the help of Easterseals Larkin is able to communicate more effectively with those around her. “With Easterseals’ guidance, her light isn’t being snuffed out but spotlighted.”

Reece K. (Age 7) Normal IL

Reece never stops smiling, and cares about others more than himself, and brings joy to everyone around him. Reece enjoys anything with rolling wheels including firetrucks and trains, and the color green is his absolute favorite. He is also a Godzilla fan, and likes the 3-D world of Roblox.When Reece started at he was completely unable to communicate verbally. In the Past year, Reece has made huge progress in being able to talk to his friends all by himself. He is also now able to ask and answer questions regularly.