A Far-Reaching Footprint: Meet Titus & Teo

Titus (left) and Teo (right) with their mom, Alison and dad, Blake!

Meet Titus and Teo! These brothers and their parents travel from Macomb, IL to the Bloomington Easterseals Central Illinois Center almost every day to receive services they need to reach their full potential.

Titus is five years old. He loves music, and also is a young scientist. He loves doing experiments and seeing what he can make happen. He also loves superheroes – especially Spiderman. Titus has been receiving services from Easterseals the past few years, working on speech, eye contact, imaginative play and playing with others. His parents share that Easterseals has made a huge difference for Titus, giving him the courage and confidence to do simple day-to-day tasks, as well as giving his family everything they need to help him make progress.

Teo is three years old, and is already a big foodie. His parents share that there hasn’t been anything that he has tried and hasn’t liked. In fact, he recently became interested in helping his mom and dad cook. When not watching Cat in the Hat or Kung Fu Panda, he can be found doing puzzles, playing with dinosaurs and trains, or coloring. Teo sometimes has difficulties regulating his sensory and behavior by himself. Through autism services at Easterseals, Teo has made huge progress. He and his family now have tools and resources for how he can regulate his negative behaviors.

Titus & Teo are both Easterseals Heroes in the upcoming Easterseals Hero Walk (part of the Easterseals Community Rally). You can help support their progress and celebrate the milestones they have made over the past year by participating in the Easterseals Hero Walk on April 24 at Illinois Wesleyan. For more information or to register, visit www.esci.link/herowalk. You can also raise funds for the Easterseals Hero Walk by visiting justgiving.com/campaign/eastersealscommunityrally.

We are so proud of both Titus & Teo, and the many milestones they have made, and thankful to their parents for commuting several hours every day so they can receive the services they need to be 100% Included, 100% Empowered. We are excited to continue to watch them grow, and are thankful to their parents for trusting Easterseals to be a part of their sons’ stories.

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